Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps aren’t just unsightly; they can pose a safety hazard, cause new tree growth, and attract pests like ants and even termites that may move into your home. There are many ways to remove a tree stump from your property, whether you want a natural solution or same-day removal.

One option is manually digging out the stump. This labor-intensive method requires digging down to expose the largest roots of the tree. If the tree was even medium-sized, this can be very difficult as the roots will be deep and large.

Another option is chemical tree stump removal. Chemical stump removal requires drilling 1″ holes around the stump and pouring potassium nitrate into the holes. This will speed up the decomposition process, but it will take about six weeks for the stump to become spongy. An ax can then be used to break up the stump.

The best option for removing a tree stump is stump grinding. Professional stump grinding uses a large grinding tool to grind the stump into wood chips down under the ground line. Stump grinding is an affordable, safe, and fast way to clear up space in your yard and get rid of a hazard. We offer cost-effective stump removal with a discount if you need more than one stump removed.

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