Tree Removal

While we never enjoy removing a tree, sometimes it’s necessary. A tree that is damaged or diseased beyond repair may need professional tree removal before it poses a safety risk or spreads disease to other trees. Our tree removal Sacramento service includes a professional tree risk assessment to uncover any issues with the tree and decide if removal is necessary.

Signs You Need Tree Removal Sacramento Service
Do you have a tree on your property that doesn’t look as good as it once did? How do you know whether the tree needs to be removed or if an arborist can help the tree recover? Here are four signs to look for.

  • Look at the branches. Do you see hanging or dead branches? If the tree merely needs pruning to become more aesthetically appealing, tree trimming can improve the tree’s appearance and strength.
  • Check the branches, bark, and leaves. A diseased tree may need to be removed because disease can cause structural issues. A tree may be diseased if it looses leaves too early, has discolored leaves, lacks veins, or leaves have strange nodules. You may also notice dying branches, bumps on the bark, or fungus on the branches or trunk. A diseased tree should be inspected as it may be possible to treat the disease and save the tree.
  • Check for defects. Some defects can increase the risk that the tree will fall down. If this happens, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damage.
  • Assess the tree’s location. A tree should be removed if it is growing too close to the home or touching the siding. Trees too close to a structure can damage the foundation with the root system, cause mold damage to the siding, and block the sun from reaching the home.

Not sure if your tree needs to be removed? Our arborists will perform a tree health assessment and offer recommendations.

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