Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and trimming is part art and part science. Careful trimming is a crucial factor in sustaining the health of your tree, stimulating growth, and retaining a natural appearance. If a tree is trimmed incorrectly, it can damage the health of the tree and lead to uneven growth.

Professional tree pruning offers many benefits:

  • Create a stronger and healthier tree with a longer lifespan
  • Reduce the number of dangerous, unhealthy, or unsightly limbs
  • Allow more sunlight to reach the undergrowth and lawn
  • Improve the tree’s resistance to disease and pests
  • Increase the tree’s strength against winds and storms

When to Call for Tree Trimming Sacramento Services
How often a tree should be pruned depends on the tree, although it’s important to call professional tree trimmers when:

  • Your tree has not been pruned in 3 years
  • Your tree is growing near power lines
  • Branches are too close to your home
  • You notice loose hanging, unsightly, or dead limbs or branches
  • You want your tree shaped

Our tree specialists have the equipment, skills, and knowledge to prune all types of trees to enhance their natural beauty and improve their strength and health. Contact us for a free estimate for tree pruning.

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