Tree Care

Trees provide us with shade, oxygen, and beauty. Our tree services are designed to preserve and protect your trees through accurate assessments of tree health and important tree care like tree pruning, fertilization, and preservation to maintain their strength and aesthetic appearance.

Tree Care Assessment
We look at tree care as a whole which means each tree is evaluated with several factors in mind, including its location, species, soil conditions, physical appearance, root, trunk, and canopy health. A tree assessment can help determine why a tree is declining and how to remove the environmental stress to preserve the tree. We also consider the tree’s susceptibility to insects, disease, and structural branch integrity based on its species to develop a care plan.

Tree Pruning
Regular pruning helps your trees look their best and maintain their strength and integrity. Routine tree trimming is also important to check for disease and remove dead or dying branches that may fall and damage property or cause an injury.

Tree Fertilization
Deep root fertilizing is an effective way to ensure your tree gets the nutrition it needs for proper growth and foliage. We offer tree fertilization services using an auger to insert the fertilizer into the tree’s root system.

Tree Preservation
Are you planning a construction project? Our tree preservation services create a plan to preserve the tree. This includes root pruning, or cutting the tree roots before heavy equipment can cause damage by tearing out the roots, as well as tree protection fencing to avoid damage from equipment.

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